Creating a greener cafe

Bean Central is happy to announce that we are partnering with the team at Earth Cycle Solutions and will be participating in a pilot study aimed at improving the sustainable practices of hospitality businesses.

As one of the first cafes in Australia to sign up to the program, this is an exciting project for us to be involved in and one that we hope leads to the reduction of waste in our cafe and the broader community, helps to reduce our carbon footprint and sees us at the forefront of environmental change within the local hospitality community.

Starting on Monday 19 April, this project will complement our current initiatives within the cafe that see our ground coffee beans and food scraps handed out to local gardeners, gardening groups and farmers to be used on their garden beds, compost bins, or in the chook shed.

If you are interested in collecting coffee or food waste from us, please feel free to speak with one of our staff next time you are in store, or send an email to

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